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The Classified Ad or classifieds is a type of text found in the communication media are newspapers, magazines and the internet.

The classifieds are those short texts found in the sections on sales, exchanges, loans, rents, among others.

They are called classifieds because they are divided into categories, that is, they are classified according to the proposed discursive intention.

Thus, classified ads have as main communicative functions the following categories: jobs or opportunities, selling or renting real estate, furniture, vehicles, services and objects in general.

In addition, people can use ad pages to search for jobs or even to look for something. For example, the candidate who presents his skills, competences, training and experience, indicating the area and the desired salary.

The main intention is to expose what is intended, without leaving aside persuasion, that is, the intention to convince the reader. For this reason, they can be at the same time: expository, descriptive and argumentative texts. Note that classified ads use many adjectives in order to attract readers’ attention.

The advertiser, that is, those who are willing to advertise something, usually pays a value so that their offer or demand is shown in the intended media. However, there are classifieds that are free and people can advertise for a certain time, be it a week or a month.

Classified Ad and Advertisement

Although the two types of texts announce something, the advertisement has as main characteristic to convince the reader and is largely not a descriptive and expository text like classified ads.

Main features

  1. Text served in the mass media
  2. Brief and objective exposition
  3. Persuasive, expository and descriptive
  4. Simple and formal language
  5. Presence of sender (speaker) and receiver (interlocutor)

Structure and Example: How to Produce a Classified Ad?

The basic structure of a classified ad is as follows:

Title: Indicates what you want to advertise in a direct and attractive way, for example: “Luxurious Apartment in Ubatuba”.

Body of Text: this is the description of what you intend to advertise, including all the information in a clear and cohesive way, for example: “Apartment on the fifth floor facing the beach of porpoises in Ubatuba. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two rooms (living and dining) and a large kitchen. In addition to offering a great leisure area that includes a green area, children’s playground, two swimming pools, sauna and party room.”

Contact: at the end of the text, the contact and the name of the person who is running the ad, that is, the advertiser, for example: “Contact Maria Almeida dos Santos: e-mail: abc@abc.com/ Contact Phone (11) 44895623. “

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