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If you want to sell or lease your property in less time, you have come to the right place! 🌐Here we tell you how to achieve it through classified ads on the internet and you will see that it is quite simple.

Ah, do not hesitate to promote your spaces online, it is a practical, effective and safe alternative . You have many options, for example, there are various portals of the real estate sector and rental and sale groups on social networks. Take advantage of all these possibilities!

Benefits of posting classified ads on portals 👍🏽

Definitely, real estate portals are platforms designed to move your spaces easily and quickly. Its effectiveness is practically guaranteed because nowadays we use the internet for everything … your clients will not be the exception, before walking for long hours they will search online for apartments for rent in Cali .

Not only that, the portals also allow you to show every corner of your properties with images and videos, and of course, they help you reach a larger audience. 

  1. Acquire 360º photos. The best angle of your properties can be found with this visualization tool.
  2. Add contact by WhatsApp. Ciencuadras.com users will be able to contact you with just one click.
  3. Receive recommendations to promote your properties. We tell you tips to make a striking description of your spaces and tips to take the best photos.
  4. Customize your publication. ✍🏽 Make clients fall in love with the details and strengths that your property has.

Step by step to publish classified ads for real estate:

And now what we saw! As we have said, publicizing your property in USA is as simple as these three steps:

Go to the website Choose if you want to publish with an expert realtor or if you prefer to do it on your own.

Fill in the information in your space and pay for your publication. In this last step you can add photos, a video, an attractive description of the property and much more.

To take into account

Remember that when providing the information of your space, you will have to choose a cover photo, make sure it is the best version of your property. In addition, before publishing you must have the images of your home and a video ready, if you wish. Don’t forget that you have the option of taking your own photos or opting for 360º photos taken by our professionals.

eye! The description of the property is essential, do not write it at the last minute. Take the time to make it dazzling, so that the client reading it has no choice but to rent or buy your property.

Ready! That’s it…. Go ahead and publish your classified ads and make use of our tools and the advice we provide to move your properties. You are going to find the perfect client for you! 💙We are waiting for you.

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