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When it comes to advertising in the digital environment, two names soon come up: Google and Facebook. And it is no less! Present around the world, these internet giants are highly sought after by advertisers. But the possibilities don’t end there, see?

When it comes to advertising in the digital environment, two names soon come up: Google and Facebook. And it is no less! Present around the world, these internet giants are highly sought after by advertisers. But the possibilities don’t end there, see? There are several other types of ads that, while not so popular, can provide great benefits for companies. Given this universe of options, how to choose the ideal?

Anyway, we can already say: it is simply essential to have a goal before investing in any type of advertising. After all, it is not because a friend said he had results with the X tool that it will also work for you. Each case needs to be studied in isolation.

To help you identify the best alternative for your business needs, we decided to show in this post the most relevant types of ads in digital marketing . Ready to make great choices and boost your results? Just keep reading!

Sponsored links

Let’s start with one of the most popular options for advertisers: AdWords sponsored links. After all, who doesn’t want to appear on the first page of Google results, right? To do this, you must basically register on the platform, create a campaign and set a budget. For each click on the ad, a value is discounted.

But be careful: as much as the return on investment of this stock is usually quite advantageous, it is necessary to always keep an eye on the reports to adjust what is necessary. And don’t forget to use Keyword Planner to choose the best keywords, and include a killer CTA at the end.

Display network

The display network is also a Google AdWords tool. In that case, instead of the ads appearing on the search engine, they are displayed on the sites participating in the network. This is an excellent option for those who want to increase page traffic, thus raising the level of brand awareness. Remarketing actions also benefit greatly from this strategy.

Text ads

Text ads are the simplest on the display network, as they don’t have to be attractive in design. For you to have an idea, its appearance is very similar to that of sponsored links, basically with a title, a description and a link that people click to enter your page.

Image ads

Browsing the internet, you have certainly come across many banners – those ads with images present on the main sites, you know? These are the image ads. In addition to the model with static images, it is also possible to find ads in .gif and flash formats. Charts and videos are mostly used in remarketing strategies.

Video ads

The videos can be displayed both on the sites participating in the display network and on YouTube. In the case of the streaming platform, ads usually appear at the beginning of each video. If the user watches for more than 30 seconds, a certain amount is discounted. There is also an option called bumper, in which the video must be 6 seconds or less and the viewer cannot skip it.

Rich media

If you need to invest in a less conventional and more interactive ad, rich media is the right alternative. This type of ad allows you to include videos, audios, images and even games, you know? You can also make your advertising content float on the navigation page or even expand when someone interacts with it. That way, you will surely get users’ attention.

Still on rich media, it is worth mentioning: because it is a more complex type of ad, its production must be done by properly qualified professionals, ok? To make it easier, Google developed a tool called DoubleClick for this very purpose.

Social networks

Leaving Google, we go to other options that also attract the attention of those who want to advertise: social networks. As in the case of sponsored links, the main advertising tools for social networks allow you to set the campaign budget, so that you only pay for users who are effectively impacted.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network not only in USA, but in the world. As a result, more than 5 million advertise on the platform every month – as the company itself announced in April 2017.

In practice, Facebook’s great differential goes beyond visibility, offering very precise segmentation. This is because, when registering, the user needs to fill his profile with various information, as well as can enjoy numerous pages of interest. Based on this information, it is possible to reach, for example, only the female audience, aged between 20 and 30 years, who enjoys playing football. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

Instagram Ads

Already highly known for being a channel for publishing photos and videos, Instagram has now launched a new feature: stories. With this new feature, brands automatically gained yet another way to get public attention. And because people like short videos because they are easy to watch, it works well. Therefore, to create engagement with the audience and obtain good results, Insta is excellent.

Twitter Ads

Known as the 140-character social network (which now allows 280), Twitter is widely used by famous people around the world. Believe me: any news or situation of the moment is discussed in this media. Thanks to this feature, Twitter has become a key part for brands to raise the subject with their followers.

Native ads

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been irritated by invasive advertisements, which ended up hindering your experience when browsing a website, aren’t you? In order not to cause this reaction in the public, a good choice is to opt for native ads. This is a way of promoting your products, services or content without interrupting users in their activities.

These ads usually appear at the end of posts or on other websites, as if they were related articles. It is common to see this format on news portals, for example. The idea is that if someone is reading about medicinal plants and a story appears that piques their interest, that reader will probably click to learn more. In this case, the ideal is to have a corporate blog for publishing content.


Pop-ups are frowned upon by many because they generate intrusion into navigation. However, the truth is that few tools result in such a high conversion rate. After all, those windows that open without our permission are simply impossible to ignore! In many cases, even if the visitor is not interested, they end up having to click to close the ad or accept the offer.

But be very calm: no matter how bad you are if you include a pop-up on your website, you need to be sensible. There are those who do everything to make life difficult for users when closing the window or even mislead them. However, this attitude only brings prejudice to the site, making many potential stakeholders not to return after this disastrous experience. So take it easy on the quantity and facilitate the refusal of visitors, agreed?

Email marketing

If you want to convert your leads into customers and retain them, email marketing is certainly one of the best solutions. What you should understand as soon as possible is that whoever follows the best practices of digital marketing, not buying email lists, has invaluable contacts at hand.

The right way to get a user’s data is through a newsletter or a landing page. Since these people have already shown an interest in what you have to offer, the chances of conversion are greater. Then, the tip is not to rush when getting a contact, then offering your products. Create a relationship first, encouraging that user to level up when ready.

In the end, choosing the types of ads for your strategy is not an easy task at all. Regardless of your decision, after defining the campaign objective and selecting options, the ideal is to constantly monitor reports and tests. After all, we don’t always get it right the first time, but it is always possible to learn from our mistakes!

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